Unfortunately due to YELPS aggressive automated filtering system, all of the reviews we earned over the years were filtered.  Others disappeared when we relocated. 

Below is a list of reviews from various review sites and here is a direct link to the filtered page on YELP.

I injured my back while kayaking and thought my trip would be ruined. I was truly impressed after only 1 session. This is not a foo foo massage. This is a serious massage by a serious therapist who has a remarkable grasp of physiology. I know a good massage when I get one and am very picky about who I go to. I don't pass out compliments easy either. Brian IS the best massage therapist I have gone to. Coming from me that means a lot. I only wish I had someone like him in Michigan.


I felt totally destagnated after my first session. I can actually feel my leg, which has been numb for months

Patrick Ching
Hawaii's Nature Artist

"Brian I just wanted to send you a quick email to tell you that you are the best massage therapist I have ever been to. I feel better than I have in years. I really didn't think that was possible with massage therapy. Thank you."


I have had massages all over the world, and Brian is BY FAR my favorite therapist. I call him Doogie Howser because he looks so young but is a genius and gifted therapist

Audra Lynn
Playboy's Miss October 2003



"Brian was great. He was very courteous and patient considering we got lost on the way to the appointment. He was very focused on the spots that I was having trouble with. One of the best massages I've had in Hawaii"


Brian has been working on my for about 4 weeks and I have not only gotten better from my injury but I have seen improvement in areas I have had ongoing issues with for years that I didn't think would ever get better. When he is working on you his hands go right to the areas that need work, like a magnet. Your like, wow that is sore, where the heck did that come from. But Brian is like a pain tracker, he knows anatomy so he knows where to find the source of the issue and he follows it and works it out. Then you wake up the next day at the pain is gone!


When I asked you to help fix me before my trip, I really didn't expect to be totally fixed. The best I thought I could hope for is to be able to be a little more comfortable on the plane and not be totally stuck in a hotel in pain the whole time. I was amazed that my pain was TOTALLY the next day. You are really amazing!