Russian Sports Massage

Russian massage is a system of therapeutic and sports massage developed in the former Soviet Union.

Some describe it as being like a combination of swedish and therapeutic massages.  It uses a variety of manipulations of the body’s soft tissues to achieve benefits, including stress reduction and relief from muscle aches.  It is considered to be one of the most non-invasive and relaxing from of massage therapies.

It employs techniques such as petrissage, effleurage, friction and vibration to relieve pain and induce relaxation.

A typical session may last from fifteen minutes to an hour depending on the nature of the ailment. The therapist uses a combination of gentle stretching, kneading, gliding strokes, vigorous rubbing and vibratory motions to massage the muscles and joints. The relaxing effects of the massage are felt almost immediately.

A complete cure may take a dozen or more sessions, depending on the severity of the ailment.